DJ Alan

Hello and welcome to! I have been a DJ on the radio, and have spun dance music in the Seattle club scene for years. Now I have got the chance to do both for you, and to bring it to you no matter where you are... in your car, on the hill, at your home, and at your work. Now with our new streaming you can get Spunk FM anywhere in the world. I love music, and just want to spread some good vibes and funky grooves to keep you dancin' through your day, while keeping you up to date with all the information that matters to you. I promise to do my best to keep my wacky self in check, playing the music you love... but please excuse me if I just can't help myself now and then with a humorous moment, or to bring you news of something important, or of interest, taking place on Capitol Hill, or in Seattle. Hey- We live in one of the best neighborhoods and cities in the United States... there is a lot going on! Catch me playin' your favorite butt bumpin' beats in the morning, afternoon, and all weekend. Thanks for listening! To send email to me, go to our 'Contact' page.

DJ Magic - The Worlds 1st Cat DJ!

DJ Magic is the 'First Cat In The World With A Full Time Radio Job'! You can catch his show every weekday from 10am to 3pm. Magic knows his tunes and plays a great mix of music. Magic has some awesome DJ skills that he picked up while watching his daddy, DJ Alan, spin at parties, and practice for his club shows. DJ Alan said; "At first it was scary because I knew he was trying real hard... but he was pretty bad 'on the mix'. Matching the beat took him a long time to get down, but Magic learned quicker than most DJ's do. At my house parties, Magic often jumps up on the mixer, and turntables. He takes over the mix, so it just seemed natural to give him a prime slot on the radio to showcase his skills". Technology has helped 'save' a lot of rare and expensive records. DJ Alan confirmed; "Today, a good portion of our music is on computer, but when he breaks out the 12 inchers... well lets just say his claws are still a little hard on the vinyl". DJ Magic wants to meet your furry family members. Send in your story and be sure to attach a picture. To send email to DJ Magic, go to our 'Contact' page. Meow!


Cykotic is not really crazy. But she can get crazy sometimes... You know what can happen when 'wild women' are on the loose. You are in for a good time when Cykotic is around. She is very friendly, outgoing, and beautiful too. Cykotic has just started her career in radio, and we feel very lucky that she has started it with us. She has a great voice! You can listen to her show every weeknight from 7pm until Midnight. To send email to Cykotic, go to our 'Contact' page.