Listen On-Line


To listen to our online LIVE stream, you only need to download the 'StreamerP2P' application once. After that, you just need to CLICK on the 'Play' button in the top, right corner on every page of our website. 'StreamerP2P' will start playing within just a few seconds usually (it can take up to a minute though). 'StreamerP2P' works only on Windows, and Linux (with WINE) PCs, and Tablet computers.

For Windows Phone, Android, Apple OS PCs, iPad/iPhone:

Go to our new mobile website at . For Android Smartphones and Tablets, you will need Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), or newer for a perfect streaming experience. Android 2.2 (Froyo) does not support streaming very well at all, although it will occasionally work.

Remember: You only need to download 'StreamerP2P' to your Windows or Linux PC once. After that, whenever you want to listen online, you just have to CLICK on the 'Play' button in the top right corner of our site. Ignore any 'warning notices' when installing the 'StreamerP2P' player. StreamerP2P is virus free, has no spyware, no pop up ads, or anything else that you don't want on your computer.

StreamerP2P is a great internet streaming solution. The technology is acclaimed for being a 'green' networking technology because it uses 'peer to peer', or 'P2P' network technology. P2P uses the huge amount of 'unused' bandwidth that generally gets wasted otherwise. Instead of creating a heavy load on internet providers that would need to provide huge amounts of bandwidth to serve it's customers streams into/out of it's network, P2P networks differently. P2P uses the unused upload bandwidth of your computer to send the audio (or a video) stream to other listeners. Only one generally small bandwidth stream needs to get into (or out of) the internet service providers network. This one stream then gets distributed out like a spider's web through every connected users underutilized upload bandwidth. StreamerP2P is a very safe application and contains no spyware or pop-up ads. Check out more information on StreamerP2P at

For your best sound quality from your computer

Plug your computer's sound output (using the 'Headphones' or 'Line Out' jack) into your stereo's 'Aux' or 'Line In' input jacks. Most electronics stores have the cables to do this. Even the 99 cent stores usually have them in stock. Cheap cables are not recommended however. You really want to use cables with good 'shielding' to keep unwanted audio interference from getting into the cables and messing up your sound. If you have a decent stereo system with good speakers, your computer will sound MUCH better than using cheap computer speakers- you will be amazed! HOOK IT UP! LET'S ROCK!

Radio Listening

It is time to put the love back into listening to the radio! Currently we are broadcasting on 101.9 FM using very low power (Part 15 power) from our temporary studios in West Seattle. The low power FM signal only covers a small range around our studios neighborhood. We plan on adding a Part 15 AM transmission soon as Part 15 AM transmissions can travel farther than Part 15 FM transmissions can. We are just starting the process of getting Spunk FM licensed so we can serve all neighborhoods of the Seattle city core, but until we get licensed the best way to get Spunk FM is by listening to the live stream as mentioned above. You can also get the recorded streams on any mobile smartphone and tablet. The following information will help you set up your FM radio or stereo to operate at its best: To assure that your old, beefy, killer FM Stereo has got the best FM reception in general, here is a short guide that can help you out: A good home stereo with a good antenna can work great, just move your antenna around to get the best reception. Reception can be improved by getting a better antenna. Some simple indoor antennas can work great. Rooftop antennas are the best. All antennas work best when they are pointed in the correct direction (which of course is different depending on where your receiving antenna is). Antennas pointed in the wrong direction can miss the signal entirely. Having a good, and correctly aimed FM antenna on your stereo is the key to making your radio sound great, and your listening enjoyable.

Some newer FM tuners are capable of receiving additional 'digital' channels of audio on each frequency (like Digital Over The Airwaves HDTV does with television). This technology is called HD radio. To be clear, the 'HD' in 'HD Radio' does not mean 'High Definition', it means 'Hybrid Digital'. We do not currently broadcast in FM Hybrid Digital, but we hope to also broadcast in HD when we get Spunk FM licensed with full power. Generally, as long as your radio and more importantly, your antenna, are; 1- In a good location to receive the station you are trying to listen to, 2- You have at least a decent antenna, 3- If at your home or office; The antenna is situated and pointed in the correct direction to receive the stations signal, then you should be 'good to go'. There are a lot of older, awesome quality stereo tuners out there that are going unused simply because they lack a good antenna. There are some places where getting decent radio and TV reception can be impossible. Again, the best way to listen to Spunk FM right now is to listen online until we can license Spunk Fm for higher power on the FM radio band.

Radio is 'the real deal', its free, its fun, its inspiring, its informative, and entertaining. Radio goes where the internet hasn't made it yet. Radio is there for you when emergencies strike, when at times, you can't count on internet service to be available. Make sure your next smartphone has at least a built in FM tuner, so you can really be ready for anything. As for Spunk FM, rarely do you get a good music mix on any online only, total robot music channel. It is ever rarer to find any 'content' that is 'local' and of direct interest to you on most online radio stations. But here at Spunk FM we have a commitment to bring you something that you can't get from any other Seattle radio station, or online station...All the best dance, pop and rock songs that will keep you pumped and energized all day and night, along with local information about Seattle nightlife, local businesses, and more. We love bringing Spunk FM to you, and we hope you enjoy listening. After all, we know that you are the real star of our radio station... Without you, we would be nothing at all. THANK YOU!