Welcome to Spunk FM Mobile!

Spunk FM plays all of you favorite Dance, Pop, and Rock songs. Spunk FM Mobile is here for you while you are out and about with your Windows Smartphone, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Tablets and Smartphones, iPhones and iPads. Apple desktop owners (that don't have Intel based processors, and the Windows OS) can also use the 'Listen' link to listen to Spunk FM recorded shows as our Downloadable 'Streamer' player on our main site currently only works with Windows, and Linux PCs. The streams here are 'pre-recorded', but the techs are working on a player that will 'live stream' to all types of computers, smartphones, and mobile devices. Have you got a Windows or Linux PC (or mobile device), with a full broadband internet connection? If you do, go to our main site at SpunkFM.com and download our 'Streamer' player to listen to our LIVE signal.

Thanks for listening... and for being SO KEWL!